Our Team

Charles Daniels, Former Lieutenant, U.S. Navy

Chuck served in the United States Navy from 1978 to 1984, as a Surface Warfare Officer in the Pacific on destroyers and as a Liaison Officer between Commander Naval Surface Forces Pacific (COMNAVSURFPAC) and the First Division of the United States Marine Corp (FIRSTMARDIV) Camp Pendleton.

After leaving the U.S. Navy, Chuck began a 30-year career working for Texas Instruments Defense Equipment Group and Raytheon. Throughout his entire post-military career, he supported Top Secret U.S. Navy technology research programs as well as intelligence development programs. He has been a Manufacturing Engineer, had roles in business development, finance and contracts. When Chuck retired from Raytheon, he was managing approximately $1B in defense contracts.  

Charles became the Commander of the Dallas Chapter of MOWW in July of 2020 and led the Dallas Chapter to the “Best Large Chapter” award by June 2021. He has been awarded the MOWW Silver Patrick Henry Award, the MOWW Gold Patrick Henry Award, the Chapter Commander Emeritus Award, the MOWW National Citation and the U.S. House of Representatives Certificate of Congressional Recognition Award.

Why are you a member of the NDSB board?

“NDBS supports many of the goals of MOWW, as well as the goals and programs of all the Veteran Service Organizations involved.  This consistency in our core goals, as well as the strength gained in our larger numbers is why NDBS is so much more effective than any single VSO organization.  NDBS also offers the community at large the opportunity to dive far deeper into National Security issues, than the sound bite heard on national news.  Educating our local citizenry is a primary goal of NDBS.” 

John Campbell, Lieutenant General, U.S. Air Force, Retired
Vice President

John retired from the Air Force in 2003 as a Lieutenant General. His 32-year military career included operational and staff assignments all over the world. He commanded two fighter wings and has 3,600 flying hours in the T-38, F-15 and F-16 aircraft. In his last tours in Washington, he served as the Deputy Director for Operations, Joint Staff; the Deputy Director of the Defense Information Systems Agency/Commander, Joint Task Force-Computer Network Defense; and as the Associate Director of Central Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency.

After retiring from the Air Force John worked for Applied Research Associates in Arlington, VA and in 2006 joined Iridium Communications, Inc. McLean VA as the Executive Vice President for Government Programs, managing Iridium’s core government communications services as well as numerous classified programs serving DoD and other US Government customers. He currently serves as Chairman of Iridium Communications’ Government Advisory Board and represents Iridium at the working level on the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Board. General Campbell is a member of the National Security Advisory Council of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, Washington DC; and is a senior advisor to the President of the University of Maryland Global Campus and the Cyber Center for Education and Innovation, Fort Meade, Maryland. John is a member of the advisory board of Untrafficked, a national organization dedicated to combatting child sex trafficking. Currently he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Veterans Center of North Texas and serves as President of the Dallas Chapter of the Air Force Association.

Why are you a member of the NDSB board?

“There is strength in numbers and NDBS provides a platform where different DFW-based military and veterans advocacy organizations can join forces in support of common goals. While we each have our individual organizational objectives and programs, there are core principles we can all support: educating and informing our citizens on issues of national security; advocating for a strong military; and supporting our veterans and first responders.”

Barry Brown, Captain, U.S. Navy, Retired

Barry served 29 years as a United States Navy Reserve officer, retiring in 2016 at the rank of Captain. He is a veteran of operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom primarily as an expeditionary logistician. In addition to two command tours and two Chief of Staff tours, he is a graduate of the Air Command and Staff College of the U.S. Air Force Joint Professional Military Education program. His last tour was on the joint staff of the Defense Logistics Agency, Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

After college and law school, Barry entered his banking career in Houston, TX in 1982. Beginning with a national organization that ultimately evolved into Bank of America, he served in roles of increasing responsibility in commercial, middle market lending and relationship management.  Over the last 15 years he has served in the Market President and CEO role of four community banks in North Texas. He is active in his church and in civic organizations, He has served on numerous boards for foundations and not-for-profit enterprises, including three years as President of the Navy League of the United States, Dallas Council.

Why are you a member of the NDSB board?

“All the organizations represented on the NDSB Board are valuable to our veteran and military members and families in many ways. While we all do splendid work as separate organizations, when we combine our efforts such as in the NDSB program series, we multiply our efforts and can add even more service and support to the people who are most deserving. I am proud of the quality of the series of programs we have been able to present because we are providing content and information that is, or should be, of vital interest to all Americans -- information that is not readily available to the public.”

Marc Liebman, Captain, U.S. Navy, Retired

Marc is a combat veteran of Vietnam, the Tanker Wars of the 1980s and Desert Shield/Storm and retired from the Navy as a Captain after 26 years of service. He is a Naval Aviator with 5,000 hours of flight time in helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Captain Liebman has worked with the armed forces of Australia, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Republic of Korea, the Philippines, and the U.K.

He has been the CEO of a $50M aerospace and defense contractor and a partner in two different consulting firms advising clients on business and operational strategy and sales and marketing. He speaks on American history, from the American Revolution to the War of 1812, as well as selected topics on foreign affairs and leadership.

His latest career is as an award-winning novelist. Five of his 11 novels have become Amazon #1 Best Sellers as well as winning other nationally recognized awards. The Liebmans live near Aubrey, Texas. Marc is married to Betty, his lovely wife of 53+ years.

Why are you a member of the NDSB board?

“I’m involved because I want to help raise money to help those veterans who are less fortunate than me. Every dime NDSB raises, net of expenses goes to local organizations helping veterans in the DFW Area. Plus, I teach leadership at one of the MOWW Youth Leadership conferences. This series is another way we, former members of the U.S. military can keep our fellow citizens informed about the national security challenges our great country faces.”

Dr. Patti McCoy, Former Captain, U.S. Air Force
Board Member

Patti is an Army and Air Force veteran. She served as a Signal Support Specialist, Executive Officer, Protocol Officer, and Squadron Commander during her 7.5-year military career. While stationed in the United States and Asia Pacific she assisted in leading the mission of cable splicing commands, civil engineering squadrons, and aircraft maintenance squadrons. 

Dr. McCoy has over 30 years directing internal and external marketing communications for global healthcare and financial companies. She currently advises companies on marketing, e-commerce, and operations, driving the digital transformation of their business. In her free time, she serves as the president Association of the United States Army North Texas – Audie Murphy chapter, a member of the Volunteers of America’s board, and Walden University’s Student Veteran Advisory board.

Why are you a member of the NDSB board?

“The National Defense Briefing Series mission and values are succinct with supporting North Texas’ active-duty men and women, Department of Defense personnel, veterans, and their families. It cannot go unnoticed the tremendous sacrifices made by active-duty men and women, Department of Defense personnel, veterans, and their families to protect and defend this country. Volunteering to provide the resources to support these courageous individuals is not even a second thought!” 

Ted Puchacz, Former Machine Accountant Intelligence, Navy
Board Member

Military Background

Ted is a veteran of the Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, and SHAPE War Headquarters. He retired from the Navy as a MA2, Intelligence, after 6.5 years of active service. He worked on the development of intelligence during the Cuban Missile Crisis, development and deployment of the IOIC database on NAVY carriers as well as serving at SHAPE, Panda Division, developing systems for both NATO & US Eucom. During his time in service, Ted has worked with a variety of US & NATO intelligence services. 

Civilian background

He began his civilian career as an Operations Manager at SBC (IBM) and held a variety of individual contributor, Senior Officer and Board positions in Private & Publicly held corporations in the software and service industry. Ted’s experience spans the Computer Storage, ATM, Banking, Brokerage and Insurance applications as well as the Customer & Marketing database industries. Today Ted spends his time being active as an on board courier and is active in Political and Philanthropic organizations. He also consults on sales and marketing strategies for software and services companies. 

The Puchacz live in Fairview, Texas. Ted is married to BJ, his lovely wife of 44+ years.

Why are you a member of the NDSB board?

“I’m involved because I want to help raise money to help those veterans who are less fortunate than me. Every dime NDSB raises, net of expenses, goes to local organizations helping veterans in the DFW Area. This series is another way we, former members of the U.S. military, can keep our fellow citizens informed about the national security challenges our great country faces.”