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Space: A Warfighting Domain

Space is our newest warfighting domain and the standup of the U.S Space Force recognizes that. What are the implications for strategy, policy technology and organization?  General (USAF, ret) Kevin Chilton, Explorer Chair at the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies Spacepower Advantage Research Center. Former Commander US Strategic Command; Astronaut and…

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Air and Naval

Air and Naval Power in the 21st (and 22nd) Century

The 2022 National defense Strategy tasks the U.S military with a list of strategic objectives, for which it appears to be woefully inadequate. Naval and air forces in particular suffer from decades of over-use and under-investment. Investment today will provide not only the force for the remainder of the 21st…

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Guest Speaker: Admiral John Richardson, U.S. Navy, (Retired)

Admiral (USN, Ret) John Richardson, former Chief of Naval Operations

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Season Two wrap-up

Season Two Wrap up Discussion and Presentation of the Second Annual Congressman Sam Johnson Defender of Freedom Award

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September/October 2023 TBD

More information coming soon.

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December 2023 TBD

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