DOF Award

The Congressman Sam Johnson Defender of Freedom Award

January 20, 2024 | 5:00 p.m.

This prestigious recognition is awarded annually to a business leader who has demonstrated a lifetime of dedication and service following the example of Congressman (Col. USAF) Sam Johnson who served his country for nearly 60 years as a military officer and US Congressman, including 7 years as a prisoner of war in Viet Nam. The awardee will have exhibited long standing, consistent, highly valuable support and service particularly to causes and organizations who stand for the American values of patriotism, leadership, and selfless service.

The award winner exemplifies personal sacrifice, initiative, and courage applied to enable the defense of our nation, to directly support those who “stand in the gap” for our collective security and peace.

The individual recognized and set apart for this award has a keen understanding that freedom is not free. He or she may not be a veteran of our armed services but has continuously taken that one step forward to ensure that the freedoms we enjoy continue to endure.

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