Past Events

I was able to meet, not just extremely intelligent and skilled senior leaders, but also network with others like me who shared an interest in the field.

"Awesome event! The information presented was not what you see or heard on national and local news. It's the other side of the coin."

The National Defense Briefing has single-handedly put me on the career path I am on today. Before attending, I was a cadet who had an unrefined but strong passion for the military and service. This program thrust a young me into a world of defense that I had never seen before.

"What an event! I had no idea about the impact the insurgency had upon the country."


The entire NDBS team did a great job yesterday. 

That was an incredible program Sunday night with Admiral Foggo and Heather Penny.

From AI and the cyber domain to warfighting in the air & sea, I was educated on a vast variety of defense topics. I was so fascinated by the information given at these events that I am now pursuing a career in military intelligence so that I may have the opportunity to get involved myself.

The program was great. The process, recognition of supporting groups and publicity for them was exactly the right level.

There is truly no program like the NDBS. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to attend.

Cyberspace Operations: More Than Cyber Security

Panelists include Lieutenant General Harry Raduege (USAF, ret), Chief Executive Officer of the National Cybersecurity Center, and former Director of the Defense Information Systems Agency and Manager of the National Communications System; Lieutenant General  Kevin McLaughlin (USAF, ret), Professor of Practice in the Bush School’s Department of International Affairs, and former Deputy Commander of United States…

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Sam Johnson Defender of Freedom Award

Season One concluded on March 13, 2022, with a wrapup presentation by MG, Charles Aris, Commanding General, 36th Infantry Division, Texas Army National Guard.  We also presented the Congressman Sam Johnson Defender of Freedom Award to Scott Murray, a multi-EMMY Award-winning television sports anchor and broadcast journalist, who has also devoted his career to supporting…

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Europe and Russia

A panel discussion with General Tom Hobbins, USAF (Ret), former Commander US Air Forces in Europe; and Lt. Gen Steve Shepro, USAF (Ret), former Deputy Chairman, NATO Military Committee and SMU Tower Center, Council on Foreign Relations. 

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The Middle East

A panel discussion with the Honorable (BG) Jim Smith, USAF (Ret), former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia; and Mr. Steve Slick, Director of Intelligence Studies Project at the University of Texas, LBJ School of Public Affairs and former CIA Chief of Station in a Middle Eastern Capital.  

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Asia-Pacific and China

A discussion on China and the Asia-Pacific region by Admiral (Ret) Pat Walsh, 59th Commander, US Pacific Fleet and 35th Vice-Chief of Naval Operations.  

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